Scath: Shadow of the Fomori, is mainly a one-man project, but there are a lot of amazing people that have been nice enough to help me out when my own skills were reaching their limits. I don't know much about drawing or computers, so help in these categories was especially appreciated, but I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the following people (in no specific order).

Leisal Florien

For her many amazing artworks (which you can see on this website but also in the actual book) and for being patient with me when I was babbling about my projects!

Martin Meissnitzer

For his computer wizardry and for creating this website for me! You can find him at and on Twitter.

Thomas Rössler

For helping me shoot and edit the Scath promotion video and for general critique! You can find him at

Gregor Schuppler

For his digital artwork that can be seen both here on the website and in the final version of the book! You can find more of his art at and on Deviantart.

Mario Paukovic

For the great artwork used in the video! His website (in German) is

Matou31 at Deviantart

Further thanks to Matou31 at Deviantart, a great artist from France, for giving me permission to use his "Celtic Sci-Fi" artwork for the banner of the website. Find more of his works at Deviantart.


Finally many, many thanks to Johannes S. And Thomas L., good friends who have taken a lot of time to listen to my ideas, provide feedback and did never hesitate to tell me if something did not sound right to them!

Everyone mentioned here, thank you for your effort, your time and your skills. Without you the world of Scath would only be half as good as it is right now!