Special Rules

Focus Points

These points represent a character's will and determination. They can be used to influence certain very important actions both in and out of combat. Focus Points allow a character, among other things, to regenerate a few health points quickly, to reroll a failed roll, to ignore the effects of a heavy wound he has taken, or to improve his own initiative at the start of combat.


These points can only be used during a combat and allow a character to help his allies in their own combat turn (effectively allowing him to do very short actions even outside of his own turn) or perform special team – based attacks. For instance three characters might want to pin a very strong monster to a wall, using their combined strength. A character might want to jump off a shield held up by an ally to perform a jump – attack. Two warriors might want to tackle a single strong opponent together, one going for the body, the other for the legs, thus maximizing their impact.
There are a lot of special actions which can be performed with teampoints.

Destiny Points and Ascendence Points

These points both symbolize a character's close connection to his Patron, a powerful spirit of nature, and allow them to perform miraculous feats, create magical artefacts or even come back from the dead! 

Mass Combat

In Scath a successful group of Chosen will be leading hundreds, if not thousands of warriors into battle against the evil legions of the Fomori. The Game Master Section holds specific rules for these great battles, where players can use tactical moves and good strategic thinking to influence the outcome of the war.
Still, often battles can be decided by the outcome of a duel between the strongest fighters on both sides, who meet face to face in deadly combat in the middle of the field, while all around them their allies and servants clash. Thus players can also use the personal power of their own characters to influence the outcome of a battle.