Shadow of the Fomori – The IndieGoGo campaign is live!

The Campaign has started!

Join us on IndieGoGo and help us to bring the world of Scath to life!
Click *here* to take a look at the campaign.

Every support is appreciated! If you don’t want to spend too much money, I recommend
going for the PDF version with the “Reborn” pledge level.
Or you could go for the “Wilder” pledge level…
which brings you a one-shot adventure that can be played in about 4-5 hours and includes
five pregenerated characters and a simplyfied version of the rules.
In other words: it has everything you need to spend a fun evening with 
friends and have a first look at the rules and the world of Scath!

We appreciate every single supporter, even if you have no money to spare! Spread the word and
let your friends, family members, neighbours, pets  and enemies know about “Scath: Shadow of the Fomori”!

June 14th 2015,

from Austria,


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