The dark magic of the Fomori holds the lands of Scath in its terrible grasp, corrupting it rock by rock and tree by tree. This sinister power is far stronger than anything human mystics can wield, but it is not the only power in this world.
Nature itself has a magic to it, and there are mysterious, ancient spirits out there who control and shape this magic. They are the Eight, elemental, inhuman forces guiding and protecting the world. And finally, after two hundred years, they are preparing to strike back at the Fomori.
You are their Chosen Ones, mortal vessels filled with immortal power. The task given to you is clear, but what you will do with this power, what will come of this unique combination of spirit and human, not even the Eight themselves can foresee.

Every player character can chose from amongst the eight elements, deciding which powers he will receive and which way his character progression will take him. It is the closest thing to a "character class" you will find in Scath. Your Domain also influences the way your character looks, his body shaped by the mystical energy running through his veins.
Once you make your choice of Domain it is final, and you have to stick to it.

Clagh, the Patron of Stone

Clagh allows his Chosen to become one with rock and earth, slowly transforming them into giant, unstoppable juggernauts of destruction. The powers of stone are focused on physical strength and toughness and allow his Chosen to manipulate the bones of the world itself and shrug off wounds that would have killed weaker men.

stone symbol

Pyr, the Patron of Fire

Pyr is a brightly burning flame, aggressive and consuming. His Chosen are red of skin, weapons of pure heat, scorching enemies alive and moving faster than the eye can see. Their power is the most destructive of all patrons, both in close quarters and from afar. Their tempers and passions burn as hot as their element. 

fire symbol

Aos, the Patron of Wind

Aos gifts his Chosen with speed and agility, allowing them to move like the wind, cutting down foes in all directions. With the air around them as their ally, they are nearly impossible to catch, their bodies themselves becoming hard to see, their movements impossible to follow. Their skills in ranged combat are among the best you will find. Despite their destructive capabilities they sometimes might seem carefree, even childlike.

wind symbol

Mannanan, the Patron of Water

Mannanan allows his Chosen to manipulate everything connected with that element, from ice to mist. His powers are well suited to controlling an enemy and weakening his movements. They also give a Chosen control over his emotions, letting him focus on efficiency and results alone. Of all the Domains, water is the one that can adapt to everything, without excelling at any one thing. The physical change of a Chosen of water is less intense than many other changes.

water symbol

Anu, the Patron of Life

Anu is the great source, lady of beasts and plants alike. Her Chosen can embrace a nurturing, healing persona, but they can also chose to make the power of nature's most dangerous predators their own. They excel in both ranged and melee combat. The metamorphosis of life draws upon both beasts and plants, creating a fearsome warrior.

life symbol

Cromm Cruach, the Patron of Death

Cromm Cruach is the guardian of the Great Cycle, taking the energy of the dead and dying and turning it into something new. His Chosen are terrifying creatures, more dead than alive, cold of skin and cold of heart. They wield the power of the past and the energy of death itself, turning them into half – physical weapons. Their mystical forces are only rivalled by the Chosen of Darkness.

death symbol

Belinos, the Patron of Light

Belinos is a guardian against all hidden evils and terrible secrets of this world. His Chosen are beacons of hope and truth, seeing through the deceptions that surround their foes and cleansing them with the purifying power of pure light. Their metamorphosis is nearly pleasant to behold and probably the most noble of all the Chosen. They can easily become great heroes and leaders, admired by their fellow men and even other Chosen Ones.

light symbol

Scathach, the Patron of darkness

Scathach is the most mysterious of them all, hidden in secrecy. Her Chosen are similiarly enigmatic, wrapped in layers of shadow and illusion. Their powers can fool both senses and minds. They are among the weaker fighters, but a true Chosen of darkness will always make sure everything is rigged in his favour. Of all Chosen, the ones of darkness are the most mystical, wielding great arcane powers with ease.

darkness symbol