Character Creation

In "Scath – Shadow of the Fomori" the players assume the roles of "Chosen Ones", young human men and women who were affected and changed by the magic of the "Eight", powerful elemental spirits. Once your character's body, mind and soul were human. Now, with each passing day, there might be less and less of your humanity left. Power is pouring in to fill the void inside you and help you carry on with all the weight of the world on your shoulders.

In the beginning stands character creation. This process consists of smaller elements, bricks that are added together, one after another, to form the mighty wall that is your character.

stone drawing


The first brick is the Tribe. It symbolizes where your character comes from, his parents and ancestors and their way of life. Your origin and the type of society you have grown up in is this first part of your character.

There are three different tribes you can chose from:

Is the character a Villager, part of one of the many small, close – knit communities of Scath, living a life that holds a few, precious moments of security, but also lies much more under the shadow of the Overlords? These characters are focused on social and mental attributes, enabling them to make friends and allies more easily and giving them access to both knowledge and craft.

Is the character a Wilder, living in the forests and hills, fighting the creatures of the Overlords day and night, part of a dwindling, aggressive society, where only the strong rule and mercy is the rarest of things? These kinds of characters are focused on physical attributes and have more than just a grasp of all the skills that are needed to survive in the wilderness.

Or is the character a Reborn, a man or woman from the ancient times, taken two hundred years ago by the Eight, abducted and saved from the Overlord attack, and sleeping in a magical realm for so many, many years? These characters are strongest when it comes to mystical and mental powers, their mind and supernatural senses shaped by the centuries of close connection to their Patron's element.

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The second brick is Career. It represents what your character has done with his life before he was chosen. Even with the power of nature itself coursing through your veins you retain all the skills and specialized knowledge you had before your ascendence.

Every tribe has a certain number of careers it can chose from.

The Villagers can be Hunters, braving the hills and forest and bringing home food for their loved ones, Growers, tough, hard-working men and women tending the few fields a village may own or taking care of the livestock, Guards, keeping a constant watch on the village walls and fending off attacks on the settlement, Keepers, healers and shamans, often serving in leading positions for the community, or Craftsmen, metal – and woodworkers with fast hands and clear minds, creating everything from arms to clothing to houses.

The Wilders can be Slayers, providing food for their people and fighting evil creatures in the forests, Wise Ones who preserve the skills and knowledge of the ancestors or Protectors, who are the best, toughest fighters, guarding supplies, women and children.

The Reborn, having learned many of their skills even before the coming of the Overlords, can chose between Scholar, having access to some arts long forgotten by the rest of the world, Farmer, once able to provide all kinds of food for long – dead communities and fighting in the armies of humanity, Artisan, an ancient kind of craftsman, potentially working with materials which have long since been lost, Noble, born to lead men in times of both peace and war, or Rogue, fast and agile people used to a rough living on the streets of cities that have long ago crumbled to ruin.

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The third and final brick is your character's Domain, representing the type of elemental spirit that has chosen him, thus deciding what kind of supernatural powers, both in the physical and mystical sense, will be gifted to you. The choice of your domain also influences in what way the metamorphosis will change your character's body and the further progress your character will have as he gains experience points and becomes stronger both physically and magically.

There are eight domains every character can chose from. All domains are open for every character, no matter what tribe and career he hails from.

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For more information about this final part of character creation see “Domains”.