It is done!

The waiting is over!

After nine months of work we are proud to finally present our Core Rulebook to you!
As of today it is available on DriveThruRPG as a PDF file right here!

We are super excited to finally be able to share our work with you and are looking forward
to hear what everyone thinks about it!

Please contact us with any feedback, suggestions, questions or ideas you might have.
You can get in touch with us right here on this website, on our
facebook page here, on our subreddit “/r/Scath” or using our e-mail
We also have a Twitter Account (@TrueMaskGames). Feel free to follow us there, we will
be posting updates about quite a few nice little projects connected to the world of Scath.

Get our first adventure for free!

Our first adventure, “The Dark Heart”, has been published on DriveThruRPG!

Working with the amazing people over at we have published our first adventure.
It is called “The Dark Heart” and will hopefully be just one of many more adventures to come.
You can download it as a PDF file for free HERE
The Dark Heart is meant as an introduction into the world of Scath. The players are not taking control
of Chosen Ones. Instead they are brave village warriors, fighting to save their loved ones from the
terrors of the wilderness.
The adventure includes everything you need to play: It has all the core rules in it, as well as adversaries,

Playtesting on Roll20!

Hello everyone!

Work on the book is continuing in full force, the Indiegogo campaign start is rapidly approaching.

In the meantime you can join me in doing some playtesting on Roll20, a great website that is dedicated
to enabling people to play RPGs online with new friends from all over the world!
You can check it out at
Playtesting has been going on for a couple of weeks, but we can always use more players. 😉

Greetings world!

This website is now officially online!
We still have a lot of work left but the Indiegogo Campaign for “Scath – Shadow of the Fomori”, my Celtic mythology based dark fantasy RPG will be starting in about two weeks time.